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The Cheetah Family decided to go from New Jersey up to Montreal to spend some vacation time with EGO. We left early on a Monday morning in July, and returned home late Friday night. During that time we had a terrific adventure, of traveling by train for the first time, seeing sites we'd never seen before, experiencing the "world's best" fireworks display, staying in a fancy hotel, and having a great time with Eric Gauthier in his beautiful city.

If you'd like to see some pictures of Jeff (Cheetah), Kay, Scott (HeyScotch), and Bryant (Bryanski) visiting with Eric (EGO) and his lovely lady Veronique, then click on the links to the left.

Our thanks go to our great hosts Eric and Veronique. We had a great time, and we know it was all EGO's fault! :-)

It's been great being in the WIG clan, and if any of you are out towards New Jersey, please look me up!

=Cheetah=[WIG] (aka Jeff Hatch)